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Risk Insurance

"Sue" is a professional  working woman who has been involved in a successful sales career. She has never taken a day off work. The need to maintain an income protection policy  was questioned by Sue.

Sue's partner  unfortunately contracted a life threatening disease and needed full time care.

The process was very taxing . Although Sue went back to work  she could not cope with the stresses of her old job and she suffered from depression. The income protection policy was claimed on and the monthly benefit enabled Sue to take the much needed time off to recover and refocus on another profession. Sue is now off claim and is running a successful business.


"Steve" is 61 and would like to retire in a few years time. Steve is very focused trying to put the maximum into super to provide a final boost to his savings.
We helped work out  a strategy to draw on his super and recontribute through salary sacrifice.

The strategy saved thousands in tax and help boost the growth of his super.
Steve has now set a definite time frame to retire comfortably.


This is a story about John who always wanted to retire to a quiet seaside town. He needed to maintain his retirement income while accessing Centrelink entitlements.
After selling his home in Sydney he had and extra lump-sum to invest to provide income.

We utilised an income strategy which helped produce an ongoing income stream which helped maintain important Centrelink benefits.

*The above examples are actual client stories but the names have been changed for privacy.

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